Mr. Asaduzzaman Kohinoor, born on 1st January 1959 in Bangladesh, he serving to Bangladesh Handball Federation since 1983 to till today.

Contribution in Sports Field & homes
General Secretary of Bangladesh Handball Federation from 1991 April to present.

National Award
Mr. Asaduzzaman Kohinoor got The National Award 2017 for best organizer in Bangladesh Handball Federation

A. Short Description of Contribution in Sports Field & home 1. Founder Joint Secretary of the Bangladesh Handball Federation from May 1984 to 1991.
    2. General Secretary of Bangladesh Handball Federation from 1st April 1991 to continues till now.
B. Short Description in Club Stage 1. 0ne of the Founder of Dhaka Merinars Youngs Club, performing responsibility as General Secretary for 16 years and Secretary the Governing body of the Club for 8 years.
    2. Performed responsibility as VP, Defert sectional Secretary and member governing body of Victoria Sports Club. Various period engaging for 30 years in Traditional Victoria Sporting Club. (Start in 1887)
    3. Founder of Moisundhi United Club at Narinda Area old town, Dhaka from 1974 to 1977 performing responsibility as Organizing Secretary.
C. Bangladesh Olympic Association : As Deputy Secretary General of Banglaesh Olympic Association from 2017 to 2021.Former Executive Member from 1996 to 1998 of the Bangladesh Olympic Association and Present Council Member of BOA from 1996 to 1998.  
D. Involvement with the other’s Sports Federation 1. Former Executive Member of Bangladesh Table Tennis Federation.
E.   2. Former President of the Hokey Club Association
F. National Sports Federation Forum : Former Secretary General of National Sports Federation Forum Bangladesh and Present President of the Federation Forums.
G. Responsibility of the International Sports Organization 1. Former Secretary General of South Asian Handball Federation and Present Vice-President of the South Asian Handball Federation.
H. Awards 1. Bangladesh National Sports Award (B.N.S.A)– 2017.
    2. Bangladesh Sports Journalist Association Award (B.S.J.A.) – 2008.
    3. Bangladesh Sports Press Award (B.S.P.A)- 2010.