Since 1983

 the handball game launches in Bangladesh. Under the leadership of the then Vice-President of National Sports Control Board and President of Bangladesh Handball Federation Lieutenant Colonel (ret). M.A. Hamid, psc. The then Assistant Director of Sports Council Late Siddiqur Rahman Munshi and the General Secretary Asaduzzaman Kohinoor was the facilitator for the overall management.

Lieutenant Colonel (ret). At. Hamid, psc organized a meeting on September 30, 1983 along with some of the most prominent sports organizer and benevolent. The meeting was held at the office of the then D.C.M.L.A. Secretariat (Present Prime Minister ‘s Office) and chaired by the then-D.C.M.L.A. and Naval Chief Real Admiral Mahbub Ali Khan. Actually on the vary day the Bangladesh Handball Association formed the organization. Under the leadership of Real Admiral Mahabub Ali Khan organize an ad-hock committee. Mr. M.A. Khan made Chief patron, Lt. Colonel (ret). M.A. Hamid, psc, as President. General Secretary Mr. Ali Akbar, Joint Secretary Mr. Asaduzzaman Kohinoor (Present General Secretary).

1st May of 1984, the federation received formal recognition by the then National Sports Control Board (Present N.S.C.). Handball Federation of Bangladesh being incorporated with Asian Handball Federation, by their affiliation in 1985. The International Handball Federation (IHF), also given the affiliation on 1986. Commonwealth Handball Association in 1990 and South Asian Handball Federation incorporated as an affiliate member on 1995.