Walton U-17 Men's National Youth Handball Tournament 2024

Exim Bank 34th National Men's Handball Competition-2023

Everest Pharma Mini School Handball Tournament 2024


Exim Bank 33rd National Men's Handball Competition-2022

Cute 1st Division Handball League-2023

Sheikh Kamal 2nd Bangladesh Youth Games 2023

Federation Cup Handball Tournament-2023

Independence Day Handball Competition (Men & Women) -2023

Handball Coaches Technical Course-2023

Bangabandhu IHF Challenge Trophy Women’s (Youth & Junior)-2023

Polar Ice Cream 27th School Handball Tournament - 2022

Cute Women's Handball League-2023

Sunnydale School Participated in the Dronninglund Cup-2023 held in Denmark

Celebration of World Handball Day-2023

Polar Ice Cream 28th School Handball Tournament (Boys & Girls)-2023

Victory Day Handball Tournament(Men/Women) 2023

IHF Women's Trophy-Continental Phase-Asia-UZB (Tashkent)-2023

Handball Denmark -2023

Cute Women's Handball League-2023

5th Islamic Solidarity Games, Turkey

10th Asian Women's Youth Championship-2023


Padma Bridge Handball Series (Women) -2022

Sheikh Russel 2nd Division Handball League – 2022

Exim Bank 33rd National Women Handball Competition-2021

SS Trading 32nd National Men Handball Competition-2021

Walton Independence Day Handball Competition (Men & Women) – 2022

Cute Premier Handball League - 2022

Handball Coaches Technical Course 2022

Victory Day Handball Competition (Men & Women) - 2022


Exim Bank 30th National Men Handball Tournament 2020

Exim Bank 31th National Women Handball Tournament -2020

Walton Independence day Handball Tournament (Men and Women) -2021

Bangabandhu Birth Centenary Inter: Upazila Open Women Handball Tournament -2021

Freedom Fighter Martyred Captain Sheikh Kamal Exhibition Handball Competition-2021

Cute handball tournament (Boys & Girls) -2021

Walton victory day Men & Women -2021

Walton 2nd National Youth (U-17, Boys & Girls) Handball Tournament-2021


Bongobondhu Federation Cup Men Tournament -2020

Walton 1st Federation Cup (Women) Tournament -2020

Exim bank (Women) Tournament -2020


Marcel 4th National Youth Men Handball Tournament -2019

1st Division Handball League 2019

Cute Women Handball League -2019


Victory Day Handball Competition (Men & Women)-2018

Choco Choco Uner 14 inter school 2018

Cute Premier Handball league -2018

Exim Bank 28th National Men Handball Competition-2018

IHF Trophy 2018 – Zone II (South and Central Aisa) -2018

Polar Ice Cream 25th School Handball Tournament (Boys & Girls)-2018

South Asian Women's Handball Championship 2018

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